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Considering the purchase of a mobile home in Florida? Before making that big purchase, make sure that arrangements have been made with a company that specializes in moving this type of home. Luckily, we are a company that specializes in efficient and safe home moving services in Florida. We move single-wide and double-wide homes throughout the state.


Types of Homes We Move

What Can Be Expected During the Moving Process

Moving a mobile home is a three-step process. Step one is disconnecting the home from its current setup and prepping the home for the move. Step two is the actual move of the home. The third step is setting up and connecting the home when it reaches its final destination.

Disconnecting the Home

Step one in the process involves disconnecting the home. To disconnect a mobile home, permits may be required. The home will need to be inspected by the moving company. When receiving a quote from a company offering moving services, make sure that the quote includes the price of the permits, disconnection, and moving preparation.

Mobile Home Moving Permitting and Utility Disconnect

With permits in hand, step one can begin. The stairs will be removed from the mobile home, as well as any decks or porch roofs. The skirting and underpinning will also be taken off from the home. The utilities will be disconnected as well so that the home can be moved. If the home is double-wide or triple-wide, it will have to be taken apart in this step.

Mobile Home Transporting

The disconnection process is going to require an extensive amount of paperwork before it can be moved in Texas. Basically, this is going to be the process of obtaining certain permits. If these permits are not obtained, it is difficult to complete a mobile home transport. It will also need to be inspected before it can be transported. Generally, moving companies will include the fees into their overall price. It is important to verify that the fees have been included so that there is no confusion on the final price. It is also important to learn more about the particular process that each company is going to offer. This way, you will know exactly what to expect and legal problems may often be avoided.

Mobile Home Installation

Once the home has been transported to the final destination, it’s time for step three. Step three involves setting the home up at the prepared site. The moving company will have inspected the final site ahead of time, making sure that it is level and that drainage is not going to be an issue. While some homeowners try to get the site set up and ready all on their own, this can lead to costly fees later on if the job is not done properly.

Mobile Home Foundation

The foundation will also need to be ready for the new home. Some people choose to have their home set up on concrete foundations, others choose pier foundations, and some decide to go with packed dirt. Those who want a stable and safe foundation usually go with concrete.

Setting the Home

This step is different depending on whether it is a traditional mobile home or a manufactured home, or the type of foundation that is being used. If it is a manufactured home, the home will be removed from the back of the trailer, typically using a crane. The home will be placed on the foundation or onto concrete blocks. While a single-wide home can be set directly onto the foundation, homes that are double-wide or triple-wide will have to be carefully placed so that the pieces match up perfectly. There may be other equipment that is needed.

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Step three involves connecting the power lines to the mobile home, the sewer, and the gas. The stairs will be put back on, as well any decks that were on the home. After the utilities are connected, the home skirting can be reinstalled. Keep in mind that it may take permits and inspections to get the step completed. A professional moving company can go over any paperwork, permits, inspection info, and fees that may come along during step three.

Demolition of a Mobile Home

Those wanting to put a mobile home where a current home is could consider mobile home demolition. This is a process that makes room for the new home without having to pay to transport the old home away. Demolition of a mobile home may require special permits. Why do people choose this service? It can be cheaper, in the end, to demolish a home rather than pay the costs involved with moving a mobile home to a new place.


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The bottom line is that it takes a lot of work to move a mobile home. This can be a dangerous job, and it can be expensive if something goes wrong. Never try to do this solo. A professional moving company will understand all of the work involved, know what should be done and in what order, understand the paperwork and what permits are needed, have all of the equipment, and can get the job done quickly and safely.


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Make sure to go with a company that can complete the service from start to finish. Choosing one company that can disconnect the home, move it, and install the home at its new location can save both time and money. Also, be sure that price quotes include all fees, permits, and inspections. Making sure that all costs are included can prevent an expensive surprise later on.

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