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Professional mobile home moving services can help homeowners with their mobile home setup solutions to help ensure the home is able to be installed, set up, and moved into as quickly as possible. While each installation process is unique, there is typically a sequence of events that must happen during the installation process.

The Setup Process

The setup process begins once the home’s new foundation is in place. The process for installing single- and double-wide mobile homes is similar. For single-wide homes, the process is typically easier because there is just one section. Some of the steps in the installation process that are used by professionals can be found below.


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Removal of Packing Materials

During the shipping process, there is packing material used to protect the components of the home. During this stage, the team will remove the packing protection and carefully inspect the home, equipment, appliances, and materials. If there is any damage, it will be reported at this time so the transporter can arrange for the needed repairs, as this is their responsibility.

Mobile Home Installation
Mobile Home Installation Florida

Moisture Protection Installation

After all packaging materials are removed, some type of moisture retarder, such as polyethylene sheeting, is installed on the ground. The team handling the installation will follow the instructions provided by the home’s manufacturer and abide by all local building codes during this process.

Mobile Positioning The Home's Sections

The section that is installed first is the heaviest one. The installation process is handled using hydraulic jacks, rollers, winches, and all other tools to move the section into its final position. After the home is in place, the running gear will be removed. If basement foundations are being used, then a crane is necessary for this process. Once the first section is positioned properly, the process will be repeated with the second. Everything is squared to ensure the home is installed properly.

Leveling and Blocking the Home

Once all sections of the home are in place, the needed height adjustments are made to help align the intersecting walls, roof, and floors perfectly. The next step is to fasten the sections together. After everything is level and blocked, the home is anchored to the foundation.


The Final Steps of the Home Installation Process

After everything is in place, the gutters and downspouts are installed on the home. Also, this is when all utilities, water, and septic or sewer systems will be connected to the home. The ventilation ducting and heating are also connected, and the team will make all crossover connections between the home’s sections. This includes electrical connections, the doorbell, phone wires, intercom, plumbing, and more. If the home has a basement, the stairs will be constructed to ensure they meet all building codes for the local area. The inside drywall installation will be completed, along with the matching trim. Also, all connections and systems will be connected to make sure everything works properly.

Before leaving the installation site, the team will remove all trash, vacuum the floor, and clean the surfaces. This makes sure the home is move-in ready.

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