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Moving mobile homes is a process that requires professional help. While this is true, using a mobile home transport service can handle the situation with ease. The professionals have experience moving mobile homes locally or long distances regardless of their size or location. Several solutions are available to make sure every customer receives the quality services needed. As professional movers, the team understands that the home being moved is often the most expensive and valuable asset owned and, as a result, each job is handled professionally. Contact the professionals today to learn more about this service.


Mobile homes are available in different configurations as well as in different sizes and configurations, just like a traditional single-family home. A single-wide mobile home is usually narrow and long. On the other hand, double-wide homes are typically wider than the single-family counterparts, but they are also shorter. It is important for homeowners to understand the size of their home will determine the transport method. When contacting a transport service provider, it is best to speak to a specialist to learn about the best shipping options for the home.

Types of Homes We Move

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Different Mobile Home Present Different Transport Challenges

Most single wide homes are around 15’ by 72’. This means a heavy-duty toter should be used for moving the residence. However, a double-wide mobile home is around 26’ by 56’, but there are some exceptions. There are some double-wide models that are longer. When moving any double-wide trailer, the transport team will split the home into two pieces down the middle. This results in the need for multiple trucks or trips to move the residence to the new location.

Mobile Home Transport in Florida

Mobile Home Transporting Options

There are two options used when moving and shopping a mobile home. Some people prefer to have their home towed on wheels. Others select transport on a trailer. Knowing these similarities and differences in these options can be helpful.

Mobile Home Transport Service Florida

Towing Transport

Transporting the home on wheels is one option. With this, the mobile home is towed to its new location. The movers will remove all ground attachments from the home and replace them with wheels and axles. It is best to hire a truck with an experienced driver to handle the moving process.

Trailer Transport

If trailer transport is the option selected, the home is lifted and placed on a trailer.  The trailer used is rated to handle the load.  It is often done when the integrity of the trailer or frame is in question to ensure a safe delivery.

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The process for relocating a mobile home requires more than just loading and unloading the home. It is important to remember this when choosing a service provider. Be sure to find out about the logistics services provided. This helps ensure no details are overlooked as the process moves forward. The right provider will take the best route, acquire the needed permits, hire escort and pilot vehicles, and more. With professional service providers, it is possible to get a safe and effective transport solution to move a mobile home to its new location.

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